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Why I Hunt for Antiques and Artifacts from Aspen Antiques and Collectibles

Treasure hunting has been my pastime since I was young. Clearly, I do not mean treasure hunting like Indiana Jones or some pirate’s hidden chest of gold. I seek out antiques and artifacts and while my search does not take me to faraway exotic lands, I do wind up in some fascinating locales. And while my finds have not allowed me to retire young, I have discovered many valuable items.

In the beginning, my treasure hunting started at nearby antique markets. One {point I soon|aspect I rapidly|thing I quickly found out is that antiquing is a complex little bubble of its own. First off, I soon realized that I needed a tremendous amount of education to know what was worth something and what was old, worthless stuff. Many online resources can train you about the most desired items and make you more informed as to what is truly collectible. Certainly, no one is going to suddenly be an authority on all of the innumerable categories and specific items that get collected, but good resources will give you at least a broad concept of how to go about hunting for antiques and artifacts.

The next thing I discovered is that antique sellers really despise being treated as though they are running a big yard sale. Merchants spend a great deal of time filling their markets with what they consider to be valuable and worthy items. If you pick up an item and offer a couple dollars for something that is clearly worth a lot, you may get asked to leave. Antique dealers are decidedly serious when it comes to their things and loathe low-ballers. Negotiation is customary and entirely expected, but one should approach it from a win-win perspective.

Antiquing is fun and very interesting, but it really needs a depth of knowledge to have real success. So I do some searching for genuine buried treasure often. Like I said, I do not trek into the Himalayas or ancient ruins hunting for valuables – I just go to my garage, grab my metal detector, and find a promising area to search. I have found old Civil War artifacts like bullets and buttons and of course all kinds of change and jewelry. Many times I use nothing but my eyes to search for artifacts like arrowheads, terracotta shards, and the occasional firearm. All it generally takes is a bit of research on historical locations and obviously, a lot of patience. You may be shocked at how priceless an item as plain as a piece of Native American stoneware can be to a museum.

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