London Gigs How it’s possible to get A bit of the Action

Are you a new UK band aiming to become the following Beatles? Well it’s actually possible but you’re going to need to have some top quality stuff and market yourselves right. The greatest difference between bands which make it and those that don’t is the way in which they market themselves to their fans and potential fans. A major way of doing this is by getting gigs and in the United Kingdom no gigs are bigger and better set up to give a new band the exposure they require like London gigs.

Getting London gigs is not the simplest move to make. It isn’t like getting a gig at your local town or town. All bands aim for getting gigs in London so you have to make sure you have some cool tunes and a good stage act before you even choose to start trying out for gigs in London. So as to make your quest to get London gigs a touch less complicated and less frustrating, there are a couple of things you will need to do.

The very first thing you have to do is to come up with a band bio and a demo CD. Most joints in London are often doubtful about giving gigs to new bands because of the high level of uncertainties involved in handling them. After all nobody wants to have a gig in their club that ends up chasing away purchasers since it is so dull. With a demo CD and a band bio, it is going to be less complicated for you to sell your band to owners of such joints and this is going to make it less complicated for you to land London gigs.

Secondly, when you are starting out, don’t worry so much about payment. In fact a great way to get joint owners to give you gigs is to offer to play free. This makes it easier for the joint owner to give you a gig since they know that even if you do not perform to their satisfaction they have no costs to foot. This is a terrific way to plug your band and once the word gets out there and folk start spotting you, paid London gigs will come knocking on your door.

Eventually, to save you the hassles of looking for London gigs, it is also prudent that you enroll the services of an agent. Nevertheless you would like to use caution with the kind of agent you use since some might take an exceedingly significant proportion of your gig costs and leave you with almost nothing. Take your time and look for an agent who is understood to help musicians get to the next level and who isn’t greedy. Such agents will help you get good gigs and permit you to enjoy the fruits of your performances.



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