More Than 20 Thousand Palmers Were Present Apparition Of Our Lady Of Medjugorje Visionary Mirjana

On Monday morning at 9 am at Blue Cross in Bijakovici, about 20,000 travellers witnessed Our Lady’s apparition idealist Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo. Only those who were early in the morning went to that place. They were on rocky ground at the foot of Apparition Hill to take the best spot to see Mirjana and hear her prayer.

With cheers and pictures, many tried to touch her while members of the Association of Queen of Peace helped break thru the gang. Medjugorje is sacrament place and has a long history.

The apparition lasted 7 minutes, Mirjana prayed with a rosary in her hand as reported

Mirjana was born March eighteenth, 1965 in Sarajevo. Her prayer mission from Our Lady is to wish for all sceptics. She’s the second oldest of the seers.Extraordinarily intellectual, Mirjana graduated from the Varsity of Sarajevo where her folks lived. Mirjana was the second to see the Blessed Ma that day, June 24th in Medjugorje. Although her folks lived in Sarajevo, she spent the summers with her gramps who lived in Bijakovici. That’s how she came to be in Medjugorje that summer. She had daily apparitions from June 24, 1981 till December twenty-five, 1982.

On this date, Mirjana received her 10th and final secret from Our Lady. Mirjana was the 1st seer to get all 10 secrets. Since then, Our Lady only seemed to Mirjana annually on her birthday (March 18) until Aug. 2, 1987 when Our Lady also started seeming to Mirjana on the second day of each month to pray with Mirjana for all sceptics. Mirjana tells us that Our Lady defines “unbelievers” as people who have not yet felt God’s love. She tells us that if we only once saw the tears in Our Lady’s eyes for all sceptics that we might all begin praying intensely for this plan. Mirjana lives in Medjugorje with her husband Marko Soldo. They have 2 children.

Mirjana : “I did not know Marian apparitions existed. I never heard about Lourdes or Fatima. The 1st day Ivanka had the dream of Our Lady, she was full of enthusiasm and wanted me to look too. I thought : “This cannot be real!” Our Lady gave us strength to accept Her as a Mother. I have changed rather a lot. I understand how empty my heart was. Now, I truly feel God, the Mother of God, and the religion. My relationship with Our Lady has turned into one of a mother and daughter. Jesus is like a friend, or a bigger brother. Whoever believes in The LordGod, and opens himself up to God, need not be afraid. God will be with him in the future too. If everybody trusted in God, there’d be no war.”

About three kilometers along the road from the shrine to the apparition hill was literally crowded, persistent, and also helpless taxi drivers tried to smash through the crowd of pilgrims, but unsuccessfully, lots of buses and small vehicles from which they sold souvenirs obstructed the road close to the Blue Cross. Taxi drivers who’ve been warning of these problems and this time they were right, for some 5 to 10 minutes if they’re better organised visits to the apparitions, some of them yesterday and took half an hour for a single trip.

So is parking in front of the church was empty, most stuck in a bunch of travellers. Since this year marks the anniversary trideseta apparitions in Medjugorje, thousands of pilgrims have already announced their arrival. Since it is a jubilee anniversary of the date of Medjugorje will be regional, but also a world center to be used to merge the loyal from all areas of the world, from far away Australia, America, and to near by nations.



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